Monday, March 15, 2010

My first blog... I promised myself I wouldn't have a blog. I reminded myself of my promise. Yet, here I am.

I figured since nobody has to read this, I might as well let some of the voices out of my head and place them here. The "voices", as many can relate to, are characters I've begun writing about and others, (many others) that I've yet to bring forward to my frontal lobe. My education is in neurological psychology so I actually do know a little about "lobes", not that anyone should care. Back in college, my favorite professor, Dr. Richard Sax suggested I switch my major to creative writing. I unfortunately wasn't smart enough to listen to him.

Apparently one can know things about lobes without actually using them to their full potential.

With all the blogs out there, I have found some amazingly helpful people. If you're a new writer also, don't be afraid to join in. Most professional writers are like the nice kids on the playground. You know, the ones who yell over to the new kid: "Hey, you wanna come play with us?" And then they smile, and act like the've known the new kid for years.

That's all for now, and in the voice of some unknown kid on the playground:

Here's a list of some great writers/editors.


  1. Welcome to the block! I am thrilled to be your first follower!

    Your hesitation to blog reminds me of my own vow not to Twitter...I haven't created an account yet, but I never say never...

    Looking forward to following you and seeing what you have to say!

  2. Yay, Jane! Thrilled to see you here. And thanks for the kind shout out!

    Kristi - You must tweet with us. Come on in, the water's warm. :)

  3. Thank you Kristi! Yes, join twitter I'll follow you.

    Yay Jolie! I think this is going to be fun.